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CIMA Finance programme

Programme length: 3 years

Our CIMA accredited programme is open to all graduates with a genuine passion for finance. Which means you won’t just gain a professional accounting qualification. You’ll get a huge range of exposure to how finance works in big business. The programme covers everything from auditing, tax and financial control, to strategic plans and corporate reports. What’s more, we’ll give you plenty of responsibility early on, so you can pioneer projects of your own and develop a full set of commercial skills. Better still, because it’s a CIMA-accredited programme with examinations, you’ll have three years to add real value to the business.


You’ll get off to a flying start with a two week long introduction to the business. You’ll meet various people you’ll be working alongside including managers, directors, and of course your buddy. They’ve already been through the programme and will help you along on your journey. As part of your induction you’ll also take on a mini project, helping you get to grips with the other business areas, while giving you the chance to build your network of contacts.

Customer Insight Project

Your first big project will focus on our customers. After all, they’re at the centre of everything we do. We’ll team you up with other graduates and give you a challenging customer issue to investigate. You’ll need to plan your approach as a team, manage your time and get to the heart of the issue. Then comes the hard bit: identifying recommendations and presenting to senior managers. It’s by no means a paper exercise. We really want to see your ideas, so we can use them to improve the business.

Business Projects

Three years might seem like a long time, but its in-depth stuff – and you can be sure it’ll fly by. We’ll give you a grounding in the systems and processes of a big finance function, as well as practical experience of the ‘tools’ of the trade, including a range of different software packages. What’s more, you’ll learn and develop on a succession of assignments, in a variety of teams and departments. Each designed to apply your learning in a real-life setting. These will include hands-on involvement in some of our key change initiatives, where you’ll learn to manage people and projects. Along the way you’ll no doubt discover where your interests lie. And you’ll have the chance to develop your career in a number of directions, including financial and management accounting, internal audit tax and treasury - to name just a few!

Learning & Development Reviews  

Learning is constant. So we make sure we review your performance and progress continually. After each project we’ll talk, reflect and plan the next steps, helping you to focus on your development and boost your career.

Management Development Programmes

Starting with feedback from your assessment centre, your development path will draw together every aspect of your learning. You’ll embark on a structured development programme covering everything from commercial awareness to leadership skills. Put simply, they’ll give you everything you'll need to take the business forward. Better still, you’ll have a wide range of support including a mentor, a personal development budget and all our full support in driving your career.

Support for your Qualification

We'll support you at every stage of your 3 year programme, doing everything we can to help you pass your exams and gain CIMA accreditation. So on top of practical experience, we’ll give you study leave for exams, and pay for all books, materials and expenses.

 Business Role

When you’ve finished the course, you’ll have the skills, confidence and qualifications you need to start the next phase of your career - as a manager in one of our finance teams. By now, you’ll have your own ideas of the sort of work you prefer, and there’s sure to be the perfect opening waiting for you.