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  • What we’re looking for?

What we’re looking for?

What makes someone a good addition to the business? When it comes to our graduates, it’s not just down to your academic achievements. As an ethical organisation, it’s down to the values, opinions and beliefs that make you who you are. After all, we’re looking for future pioneers within the business. To make an impact you’ll need to work hard and earn respect, so you’ll also need to be confident, tough, resilient and flexible. People who are ready to take on early responsibility and stretch the objectives of a project. That’s just who we’re looking for. And if we’re the right place for you, it’s the sort of challenge you’ll be looking for too. To get an even clearer picture, take a look below at the skills and behaviours you’ll need to succeed on the programme:


A belief in your ability to deliver success; the resilience to deal with adversity; the courage to stand up for what you believe is right in the interests of the organisation.

Managing Self

The ability to recognise your capability levels, motives and emotions and the triggers for those. Also the ability to understand the impact this has on your own thinking processes, behaviour and performance. The commitment and determination to grow and develop as a result of this awareness.


The ability to make sense of data/situations and understand what needs to be done, in order to make decisions and bring about business success.

Customer Focus

It is the genuine desire to understand customers*, their needs, concerns and behaviour and to anticipate, meet and, wherever possible, exceed their expectations. * Customer refers to the people who buy our products and services, as well as clients, patients, etc.


The behaviour that drives leaders to get things done in an appropriate manner. It is underpinned by a desire to achieve and/or surpass standards of excellence and deliver business goals, initiating action and making timely decisions. It also involves a concern for pace, completion and delivery.


The intention and subsequent actions to influence and engage others with your views and opinions in line with the Co-operative Group’s strategic intent and interests.

Team Leadership

The intention, desire and focus on choosing to lead, inspire and develop a group of people providing shared purpose, direction and co-ordination of actions. At the higher levels it is about engaging the hearts and minds and harnessing the different capabilities of others to create a strong team.

Collaboration and Teamwork

A desire to work collaboratively and supportively with peers, colleagues, co-team members over whom one has no hierarchical authority – underpinned by the belief that this will help the organisation achieve results.

Commercial Awareness

A combination of knowledge, understanding, perspective and mental agility, supported by helpful values

Co-operative Commitment

Empathises with the Co-operative model and values. Understands the day-to-day implications of the model and works constructively with that understanding to move the organisation forward. Is protective of the reputation of the organisation.