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HR, finance, IT & property

HR, Finance, IT and Property provide four key behind-the-scenes services to ensure our people, finances, technology and buildings all work at their best. As with all other roles within
The Co-operative Food, you will find the latest methods work alongside our time-honoured values and principles.


There is a variety of HR roles within our Head Office function, from operational and strategic HR Business Partners to key specialist roles, such as ER, Resourcing and People Development.

The breadth of opportunities we offer to HR professionals is as diverse as our range of businesses. We encourage our HR colleagues to forge their own career path, whether it is to progress within the generalist arena, or to move into one or more HR specialisms within
the Co-operative Food or one of the HR teams in the wider Group.

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The Food Finance team provides accounting support and business analysis to the Food Management team with the objective of monitoring and improving the level of profit made by the Food business.

The team assists and guides business teams in the commercial analysis of any proposed or ongoing developments, and ensures that the strategic objectives of the business are supported. The Food Finance team consists of five areas:

Financial Planning & Control
This team coordinates and finalises the production of budgets, forecasts and business plans for the Food Division, as well as providing support in respect of Financial Accounting and the overhead costs of running the Food business. The team also analyses the viability of potential refits, new stores and closures / disposals of food stores.

Operations Finance
Provides support, analysis and commercial challenge to the Store Operation Management in delivering their budgets and driving store profitability.

Supply Chain Finance 
Provides commercial support and analysis to the management team running Distribution depots and ordering products into those depots. The team seeks to ensure that the Supply Chain function operates as efficiently as possible and meets strategic objectives.

Trading Finance
The team provides analytical and commercial support to the Buying management team. Trading Finance monitors, reports and challenges the Buying team to achieve its budgeted margin percentage from the sale of products in our stores. It also ensures that we recover rebates that are due from suppliers.

Marketing Finance 
Provides analysis and commercial support for the team leading the Marketing of the Food Business. The finance team reviews marketing campaigns for their effectiveness in driving sales and profitability and challenges the requirement for expenditure where it is not proven to be financially viable.

This function provides a fantastic and unrivalled career path no matter which area or level you work in. We provide study support for many of our permanent posts as well as continuing professional development.

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The teams within The Co-operative Food IT function are aligned to the three key Food Business areas: Stores, Distribution (Supply Chain) & Central Operations, supported by Planning Management Services.

The Food IT Stores team is responsible for the support, maintenance and future planning of the systems used within our Food stores. These include tills and back office systems, home delivery and bakery systems, in addition to many software applications.

The Food IT Distribution team works closely with our Logistics and Supply Chain functions to deliver business change programmes and day-to-day system support services.  A key priority for the team is warehouse system support and management, which includes interfacing with financial and store systems and a number of other business-critical applications.

The Food IT Central team is responsible for our central Food business systems within Commercial and Finance. Working in partnership with these areas of the business, the team delivers high quality services and applications for the entire Food estate.

Planning and Management
Planning and Management Services provides support to the Food IT team through a number of different functions, including the following:

Our Programme Office provides project support for the whole of the Food IT function whilst ensuring key activity is delivered, identifying the next big opportunities for our business.

Our Contracts function guides suppliers through the complex legal process, as well as administering existing contracts.

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Our innovative Property team has ambitious growth plans to rapidly expand our store estate over the coming 3 years, driving our continued commitment to be the UK’s favourite community retailer. The Food Property team is pivotal to the success of our organisation, setting out the shape of the portfolio for the future. Further information about the wider Estates team can be found here.

The Food Property function consists of three key teams:

Food Asset and Facilities Management
This is the largest team within Food Property, and is responsible for maintaining our store estate and for capital programmes.  This team was responsible for converting the whole of the Somerfield estate and the unbranded co-operative stores to the Co-operative brand, transforming all of our stores to our new brand identity which will be by some distance the largest rebranding programme in corporate history.  The focus for the team is now long term asset care, ensuring that asset management is at the core of every investment decision we make. 

The team’s key areas of responsibility are: 

  • Equipment & Supply Chain;
  • Facilities Management & Asset Maintenance;
  • Facilities Management Information Services Management;
  • Standards;
  • Compliance;
  • Change Management;
  • Communications;
  • Store Investment;
  • Management Information;
  • Project Management;
  • Programme Management;
  • Environment; Energy;
  • Costs & QS;
  • Planning & CAD Design;
  • Facilities Helpdesk;
  • Accounts Management;
  • Technical & Engineering Services;
  • Contract Management. 

Portfolio Strategy, Acquisitions and Disposals
This team provides the strategic direction for Property within the Food business which will set out the shape of the portfolio for the future.  The Society’s acquisition & disposal strategy is also developed and executed through this team working in conjunction with the Food Portfolio Management department.  Amongst some of its key objectives this team provides sales impact advice for acquisition assessments, store extensions, downsizes, relocations, impacts and disposals.   

The team is responsible for the management and strategic development of the Food store estate. They assess and deliver new store acquisitions, including cold starts and business acquisitions, relocations and extensions.  In addition, the disposals team is responsible for the sale of stores that are no longer appropriate to retain within the portfolio.

Portfolio Management
This team are custodians of the Group’s food stores and distribution depots. The team is responsible for the management of the property assets, controlling all property costs, carrying out rent reviews and lease renewals and asset management initiatives to maintain and enhance values.

The team is responsible for determining and implementing individual store and catchment strategies to ensure that the property interest is aligned with the operational requirement and the stores are well placed to defend against competitor activity. The team are also responsible for the acquisition of new distribution depots and provide property management support to the store acquisitions and disposals teams.

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