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Central support roles

Based in central Manchester, the Central support  team is responsible for the accurate and cost-effective planning, forecasting and replenishment of all food requirements in the food business.

The balance of supply and demand is at the heart of what we do. We use historical data and some sophisticated statistical analysis to gauge demand requirements, and we work with our suppliers to satisfy that demand with optimum stockholding.

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The Central Support Team comprises three core sections:

Depot Fulfilment

The Depot Fulfilment team works with our 500 suppliers to build order forecasts which ensure that the product is available in the right part of the country, in the right quantity, at the right time

Store Fulfilment

The Store Fulfilment team supports our stores by focusing on on-shelf availability.  This vitally important support function ensures that our stores have the products our customers have asked for, when they want them.

Planning & Development

Supporting these two teams is the Planning & Development function, which provides project management, analysis and programme governance for all Supply Chain improvement initiatives.

There are around 150 team members in admin, project management and operational Supply Chain management roles.

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