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Principal Funeral Director

Our Principal Funeral Directors love to deliver excellent customer service, by developing the team and leading by example to carry out funerals to the highest standards.
Their key daily responsibilities, as the first level of supervisory management within the business, include checking the rotas, diaries and emails, getting the team organised and coordinating the Funerals. They are also heavily involved with activities and events within their communities.

It can sometimes be challenging having to manage schedules and make sure that everything gets done. However, our Principal Funeral Directors tell us that they get an immense amount of job satisfaction from helping the team, resolving problems, and ensuring that we did our best for our families and local communities.

This role would be ideal for someone who is patient, organised, open-minded, fair and able to adapt to different situations and emotions, with previous Funeral Director experience.

How our Principal Funeral Directors take up this role varies: many have internally progressed within our business; whereas some join us from external companies with previous Funeral Director experience. If you have the right skills and strengths we can help you with the rest so please click on ‘Search and Apply’