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  • Management roles

Management roles

Our managers lead by example, by inspiring and motivating to get the very best out of their people by identifying talent and developing potential. Their key daily responsibilities are to coach and care for colleagues and teams spread across a wide geographic area and to ensure that they have all the support they need to fulfil Our Promise to our families. They consistently monitor and improve standards, as well as building and maintaining strong relationships within their local communities.

These roles can be challenging as a result of all the various demands and responsibilities it brings, and the need to be able to meet expectations and manage time efficiently.

Our management roles would be ideal for someone with extremely good people and leadership skills, who is also very adaptable, passionate, motivated, dedicated and organised.

How our managers take up these roles varies: some have internally progressed within our business; whereas some join us from external companies with little or no Funeralcare experience, provided that they have the right skills.
If you have the right skills and strengths we can help you with the rest so please click on ‘Search and Apply’