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Regional Manager

The regional manager plays a vital role in ensuring that the operation of the business runs at its full potential. Typically overseeing a number of Hub Managers, the Regional manager will focus on the operation of the business within his or her geographical region. As the business remains client-focused, it is the Regional Managers’ role to ensure their teams are engaged and motivated to deliver the standards that are expected from us.

Regional Managers will also be financially aware and take control of the key accounts for the hubs and branches in their region. They are required not only to have a wide knowledge of the funeral industry but also to be a dynamic and motivational business manager, leading their teams from the front.

This exciting role is fundamental in ensuring the business continues to grow and offer the excellent client service that has come to be expected from our teams. In delivering this, our Regional Managers experience the satisfaction not only of leading a team of Funeral professionals widely recognised as outstanding but also of ensuring that clients’ wishes are at the forefront of everything their team does.

Our Regional Managers are not just pioneers within Funeralcare. Many are heavily involved in and well respected members of industry bodies such as the NAFD, proving that the work of Funeralcare is leading the way.