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We are a strong and established brand, with a diverse portfolio of businesses and a unique ethical approach. We are award-winning and widely respected, and we have established ourselves as one of the UK’s most trusted names, with a large and loyal customer base.

Recently, we have invested in a major revitalisation of our brand and marketing activity, reaffirming our commitment to the highest standards of customer service, products and services.

Group Marketing’s objective is to promote our qualities and ensure that our customers, members and the broader public understand our values and see us as a pioneering and customer-focused organisation that they want to do business with.

The Co-Operative Head Office recruits into a broad range of marketing and research roles, including Customer Insight Officers, Online Development Managers and Media Analysts. Our teams and associated job vacancies include:

Brand Governance and Standards

Following a major and award-winning rebranding exercise, our job is to maintain and build on the brand value and to achieve consistency in implementation. Our work focuses on two key areas:

  • Brand Standards. Managing and facilitating brand standards, we also support the wider brand roll-out across the business.
  • Brand Governance. Making sure the brand is implemented correctly and consistently, we run training and engagement sessions and help to develop brand identity guidelines.

Consumer Insight

Everything we do and all our business decisions revolve around our customers. The more we know about them, the more we can give them what they want. Here, our job is to understand the attitudes, behaviours and needs of our audiences–including young people, families and older people–so we tailor our messages and the way we promote them. Typical projects include customer satisfaction surveys, brand perception, competitor analysis and tracking member engagement.


The internet is a vital part of our future sales strategy, and our brief is to develop and manage our website and online brand. Specialist areas cover:

  • Content Management System (CMS), which develops usability, accessibility and interactivity.
  • Brand online, responsible for how we are presented in the digital space, particularly in terms of our own family of websites.
  • Website, which manages our ‘masterbrand’ website.


Working closely with Consumer insight, this newly formed team is charged with taking our customers on a ‘brand journey’, starting with increased awareness and leading to greater engagement (and sales). Our key objectives are to identify profitable segments, recommend strategies and implement effective brand communications. We also manage our relationship with advertising and media agencies.

Membership Marketing

We have some 5.5 million members, essentially customers who sign up for discounts, member points and dividends. Forming a loyal customer base, they have a say in how The Co-operative is run and enjoy a share of the profits. It is important that we engage with them and take the opportunity to cross-sell our products and services. That is the role of this team, and our work takes in membership profiling, database management, employee training and the management of our membership contact centre.


Sponsorship is a vital part of our marketing mix, and we are engaged with several partners and projects, including charities and elite rugby and netball teams, as well as theatre production and music festivals. We also regularly feature on TV programme idents. This team’s role is therefore diverse and challenging, but we are always involved and commercially focused on delivering results and a return on investment.