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Everyone should have a will and our Will Writing team helps thousands of people every year to make plans for the future and provide for their loved ones. We offer customers advice on a range of topics, including what constitutes a valid will and the type of will best suited for a particular purpose. Our expert Will Writers will draft a customer’s will and any other associated documents. Once signed, we will store them at no charge in a secure, safe environment.

Will Writing Executive

When customers phone us to ask more about wills, you will be the first person they will speak to. You will provide advice, set up appointments to contact customers and manage all correspondence and paperwork in and out of the department. You will take our customers through a step-by-step process, avoiding technical legal jargon and guiding them towards the most appropriate will for their needs. You will then draft the will and send it out to customers for execution.  You will need excellent communication skills and the ability to manage your own appointments and workload.

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